Самсунг nv11 фотоаппарат инструкция

Scene Modes: Access your pictures quickly and easily at any time thanks to an innovative new user interface. Page 57: Warning Indicator, Before Contacting A Service Centre Warning indicator There are several warnings that may appear on the LCD display Memory Error! That was my «MO» until the first time I used the Samsung NV11. Let me think…… have I used anything else since that day? Инструкция поможет Вам разобраться в функциях, а следование правилам использования увеличит продолжительность службы прибора.

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The good: it shoots 7 fps for a max of 11 frames. It can also burst 10-15-30 fps at lower rez. Whichever way you do it, it’ll take 150 minutes to fully charge the battery. As with most compact cameras, the NV11 has a built-in lens cover, so there’s no clumsy lens cap to worry about.

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Media type selection menu : You can select image viewer, image edit and movie edit functions in this menu. Mode Still image mode Icon 3648X 3136X 2688X 2240X Size 2736 2352 2016 1680 3648×2736 3136×2352 2688×2016 2240×1680 1024×768 [STILL IMAGE mode] INFORMATION The higher the resolution, the lower the number of shots available because high resolution images require more memory. The grip is better than NX100, the slimmer body gives it a better grasp. While the right hand grip isn’t terribly large, it fits the NV11 well.

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Page 39: Starting Play Mode, Playing Back A Still Image Photo Gallery mode Rotating an image You can rotate an image to a direction you want. Борисполь Вчера 16:42 Samsung s760 Фото / видео » Цифровые фотоаппараты 400 грн.

The NV11 uses a new, more powerful battery than the NV10 before it. Nov 302011 USER REPORT: The Samsung NX200 Camera Review by Vlad Dodan – His blog can be seen HERE – I have been reviewing Samsung NX 200 for the past two weeks already and now I have the time to post this on-line for everybody to see. The camera uses Secure Digital, SDHC, and MMC memory card formats, and it’s worth spending the extra dollars on a high speed card.

Once the cursor is over your menu selection, just press the touch sensor down like a button to confirm it. This menu will not be displayed again after setting up the date, time and language. The [Found New Hardware Wizard] will open and the computer will recognise the camera. If your OS is Windows XP, an image viewer program will open. Why do I have a sudden attachment to one particular digital camera?Because this one actually does what Samsung claims it will do.

This manual will guide you through using the camera, including capturing images, downloading images and using the application software. Intuitive it’s not… when we first picked up the camera we had to refer to the manual to do some of the most basic operations, something that doesn’t happen often. The camera delivered very good color saturation and color balance in pretty much every situation we threw at it, and results in bright sunlight weren’t overly harsh or contrasty.

Speaking of batteries, I must now launch into my speech about proprietary batteries like the one used here. The manual situation on the NV11 is not good.

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