Onkyo t-4030 инструкция

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The Yamaha could grab and hold a cleaner stereo signal at a bit lower signal strength. On closer or local stations, both are strong and clear, though the Onkyo is a little more sensitive to multipath in general. AM reception was typically (of digital tuners) hyper-sensitive on both. Apparently early units, but not all T-4055s, had a 400 Hz calibration tone with an on/off switch on the back. The T-4017 only has mute on/off, local/distant and mono/stereo. Новое приложение Onkyo для удаленного управления позволяет принимать три потока цифровой музыки, хранящейся на мобильных телефонах, а также обеспечит доступ к многочисленным интернет-радиостанциям и музыкальным сервисам. Available in black only. RRP: $1499.00 Sale Price: Call for pricing Please let us know what you think of our service by clicking on either link below to submit a review of your experience.

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