Инструкция toyota lc200 2012

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Honourable Mentions The Mitsubishi Triton GLS’s 2900kg GVM allows for a 970kg payload and its 5885kg GCM requires only a small 115kg reduction in that peak payload to legally tow up to 3100kg, which is a practical compromise. The Collectors Edition was only available for the 1997 model year and the package was added to many of the available body colors. 1997 – 4744 FZJ80 Land Cruisers were sold in the United States as «40th Anniversary Limited Edition» models. The twin-turbo 4.5-litre V8/six-speed automatic is the most effortless towing combo there is, with 650Nm of torque from just 1600rpm. Retrieved 2010-01-19. ^ «Toyota’s first production outside Japan at Toyota do Brasil». 75 years of Toyota: Expansion into Latin America. The AK10 is powered by the 2259 cc, 4-cylinder Type C engine from the Toyota Model AE sedan coupled to a three-speed manual transmission and two-speed transfer gearbox. Available as either single or dual cab-chassis, five-door wagon or Troop Carrier, the heart of the 70 Series family is a big 4.5 litre turbo-diesel V8 with 430Nm of torque available in a 2000rpm sweet spot.

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