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Description SyringeVolume NeedleLength (mm) Gauge OD (mm) Tip Style SyringeCode ReplacementNeedle 002450 Removable Needle — Guide Plunger 10µL 50 26 0.47 Bevel 10R-GP 037110 Replacement Needles For 10µL Removable Needle Syringes Part no. When the labels are advanced or printed, the barcode should change. Choose the Data Matrix icon to add it to the label, right-click on the Data Matrix object and choose Properties. Support is not desired.Drger Isolette 2000 Service manual 30.5 MB DownloadDrger Isolette C2000 Service manual 4.3 MB DownloadDrger Photo Therapy Heater Service instructions 590 KB Download prohibited by Drger. With accuracy and reproducibility of ±1% SGE’s range of 10µL metal plunger syringes are ideal for making microvolume injections of 1.5µL to 8µL. Each plunger is individually fitted for each microsyringe for perfect sealing.

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