Инструкция для работы в computer craft

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Unlike a while loop — which loops until a certain condition becomes false — a for loop is designed to run a block of code a set number of times. A general for loop looks like this: for counter=start,end do … end start and end specify the start and end values that the loop should move between. Example Programs These pages guide you through programs created by other users. Since this code is within a for loop that runs 5 times, the result is that the computer generates five quick redstone pulses on its left-hand side, one after the other. ReactorOptions is read on start and then current values are saved every program cycle. Because the machine is so big, it can work with any die on the market. Download and install ComputerCraft.Visit the ComputerCraft download page and click the Download ComputerCraft link in the page (at the time of writing this is called “Download ComputerCraft 1.63 (for Minecraft 1.6.4)”). This downloads the ComputerCraft .jar file to your computer.

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