Инструкция для kenwood kdc w3537

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Press the Track Up or Next Track key to send the letter. To send the letter A, press the 2 key once then press the Track Up key. To send the letter B, press the 2 key twice then press the Track up key. KDC-BT8044U KDC-BT8044UY KDC-W7544U lKDC-W7644UY … Inappropriate Loading… For this magazine there is no download available Magazine: KDC-BT8044U KDC-BT8044UY KDC-W7544U lKDC-W7644UY … This will cause the eject-sensor pins to line up and thus release the CD for the unit to eject. Find out if your phone is compatible with Kenwood’s systems and what software/firmware you need to be running on your Kenwood system for your particular make/model of phone.

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