Инструкция beats audio solo

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For example, suppose you want to create rhythmic echoes with a delay effect. If you drag the effect into a clip track, only clips playing in this track will be echoed. Micro-offsets in Session View clips can be achieved using the nudge buttons in the Clip View (see 8.1.5), however track delays can be used in the Arrangement View for such offsets. Мигающий белым цветом индикатор Bluetooth говорит о готовности к сопряжению. One can quickly rename a series of tracks by executing this command (or the Rename shortcut CTRL-R(PC) / CMD-R(Mac)) and then using the Tab key to move from title bar to title bar. This has to be set to an output other than that selected for the Master. If the desired outputs don’t show up in these choosers, please check the Audio Preferences.

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