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Leia o artigo completo01.12.2016Agfa HealthCare continues Enterprise Imaging Momentum as Health Organizations strive toward Value-based Care in 2017. Leia o artigo completo27.11.2016# RSNA 2016, Agfa HealthCare presents Supplier Excellence awards for Best Supplier and Most Committed Supplier. Support is not desired.Sedecal HF Series Advanced service manual 1.3 MB Download prohibited by Sedecal. The AGFA NDT M eco is versatile, in the laboratory or transportable in a mobile site darkroom. AGFA NDT Nova NOVA, part of the proven Agfa NDT Film Systems and yet another dedicated processor designed and built specifically for the industrial Non-destructive Testing (NDT) environment. Проявочные машины AGFA NDT Все проявочные машины фирмы GE IT (General Electric Inspection Technologies) надежны, удобны в применении, изготовлены из прочных, коррозионностойких материалов и используют только современные технологии.

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